CAS – the present organisation of the Czech acoustic experts and their goals

The Czech Acoustical Society was established in the year 1990 bringing together most of the acoustic experts earlier organised in the Czechoslovak scientific and engineering society (some 200 members today). The Acoustic Commission of the Academy of Science became allied to the CAS at the end of 1992.

Consequently, the Czech Acoustical Society has been able to assume all the international engagements of the earlier Acoustic Commission of the Academy of Science as well. The Czech Acoustical Society is an I-INCE, ICA member and a joint member of EAA. The Czech Acoustical Society has been a FASE constituent member.

To continue in the tradition set by of the preceding generations of Czech acoustic experts is the target of the Czech Acoustical Society, through:

  • promotion of exchange of scientific and engineering information among the various spheres of acoustic research,
  • promotion of research and development in individual acoustic proficiencies,
  • establishing and maintaining close contacts with other acoustic societies on an international basis,
  • propagation of information on the newest progress in acoustic research through conferences and seminars.

Since 1962, the members of the CAS have organised 35 international conferences. In 1992 the 30th International Conference on Acoustics was organised jointly with the 17th AICB Congress in Prague, in 1994 the 31st International Conference on Electroacoustics and Signal Processing was organised in Prague, in 1995 the 32nd International Conference on Acoustics on Speech, Music and Hearing and in 1996 the 33rd International Acoustical Conference on Building and Room Acoustics was organised in Prague as well. In 1997, a combined 55th Acoustic Seminar and 34th International Acoustical Conference on Noise Control took place in Kouty and 1998 the 35th International Acoustical Conference on Ultra-Acoustics and Acoustic Emission took place in Trest.

The 58th and 59th Acoustic Seminar was organised (with international participation as well) by CAS Professional Groups in 1999 and the papers presented in the seminars were published in a special seminar publication.

In 2004, CAS has participated in organizing international congress Inter-Noise 2004.

A bulletin ACOUSTIC SHEETS is issued four times a year by the Czech Acoustical Society. This bulletin informs members of the society about recent activities of the society, actual scientific and engineering news, etc.

The term of office of the former CAS Council expired on the 29th of January 2009. A new Council was elected, consisting of:

Ondrej Jiricek jiricek(at)
Karel Snajdr akon(at)
Marek Brothanek brothan(at)
Olga Kudejova olga.kudejova(at)

Chairmen of the Professional Groups

General linear and non-linear acoustics Milan Cervenka milan.cervenka(at)
Ultra-acoustics and acoustic emission Jaroslav Plocek plocek(at)
Noise and vibration Karel Snajdr akon(at)
Room, building and urbanistic acoustics Petr Novak petr.novak(at)
Signal processing and recording Tomas Salava t.salava(at)
Psycho-acoustics, physiology of acoustics,
music and speech acoustics
Jan G. Svec svecjang(at)
Electroacoustics Petr Honzik honzikp(at)